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Iam what you call a normal guy from Madurai,To say it simple Iam a person who got bored and started learning new stuffs which turned out to be great


Iam currently doing my UG course on Information Technology in PSNACET,I have completed my High schooling in M.N.U.Jayaray Nadar Hr.Sec.School.

  • Fullname: J.Pradeep
  • Birth Date: February 13, 1997
  • Job: Freelancer, Python Programmer
  • Website: andrewpradeep@github.io/allaboutme
  • Email: jawaharpradeep001@gmail.com


Iam a quick learner and can easily rip apart any given algorithm within few days and add further functionalities to that algorithm,Then there is nothing special about me to point out

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More of my credentials.

To tell you the truth I dont know what a Resume is,I think I'll learn soon enough when I get to know about it I'll update my Blog

Work Experience

Web designer

July 2015 - september 2015

Felt like God

it was my first time developimg anything I had no idea on what Iam doing but the feel that I can change everything and set it as I desire made be feel like a god

Linux Administrator

september 2015 - present


It was like becoming an actual hacker or something before using Ubuntu(linux), I thought linux usage ended during the 90's,Had quite a rough experience installing it though.At first thought it was cool using a different os and then I realised the control I get over the system now Iam addicted to it.

Android Devleoper

may 2016 - present

Still need some work

I had no idea that i would be developing android apps when i started learning Java then, I started learning from my friends and then it became interesting and continued to learn android development but I think It's gonna get very hard after i completed the basics and strive into the advanced concepts


Elementry School


S.R.W.W.O Matric School

Well I could start from kindergarden but I thought that would be too much,ok well it is an railway school in where a kid could get the perfect environment to learn good habits and attain a good character.If you visit my school i think you would feel the same

Middle School


ST. Mary Of Leuca Matric School

The truth is that I didn't like it there I dont know is it me or the school,they would create a big scene on a small issue, The problem may be on my side too I dont want to blame anyone

High School


M.N.U.Jayaraj Nadar Hr.Sec.School

The place where I actually enjoyed attending the classes,Apart from facilities you couldn't hope for a better schooling anywhere,I think that my School is the only place a teacher actually respects their students, The friendship level in the school will be on whole new level,let me put it into simple words if you studied in my school your habits may be a little dirty but your heart will be pure as a rain drop




At first year the college was heaven where I used to bunk the class and play cricket ,I felt free as I was in high school and in the the second year the rules became strict and i just couldn't keep my self locked in the academics side so started learning new things that how I started as a developer


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My hobbies

You may think this is childish but its the truth I mostly watch animes and animation movies my favourite is Dragon ball z, apart from that I play cricket,chess,carrom,shuttle and listen to music



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